Welcome to the Page Street Labs "newsletter". B0rk.

Page Street Labs is an organization dedicated to bringing clarity and new possibilities in artificial intelligence and related technologies. Every week our inboxes are flooded with AI newsletters, so why do we need another one? First, this is an un-newsletter.  Think of it as a magazine with sporadic issues.  Each issue focuses less on news and happenings in AI and more on developing a deeper understanding of something of broader interest. Every issue has a singular focal point, though we may have occasional experimental sections. We will dive deep into one topic and bring out novel findings, new ways of looking at existing things, providing a synthesis of subject matter typically limited to a few experts, but in an accessible language. Each issue aspires to bring a level of creativity/expression and scholarship that lies at the intersection of a typical literary journal and an academic journal, to create more informed conversations around the topic. The standard length of an exposition will be somewhere between 2,000-10,000 words. All writings come from wetware than GPUs; if we use generative AI technologies for writing, we will explicitly call those sections out.

Head over to our first issue covering mental models for thinking about breakthrough technologies like GPT-3 without giving into hype.